ACM experiential campaign


Auckland City Mission Winter Appeal 2011
Case Study – Winter 2011 was a chilling prospect for the Auckland City Mission. In the wake of a global recession, and the Christchurch Earthquake, times were tough. More Aucklanders than ever before were asking for help. The Auckland City Mission needed a hero, a superhero.

They got Kenneth.
We built Kenneth up from scratch to be the Auckland City Mission’s smallest ever fundraiser. As a robotic, flightless bird, Kenneth was fragile and vulnerable. Then we sent him out onto the streets, it wasn’t an easy mission. But soon enough, thanks to a fully integrated campaign people were lining up to help out.

Collection boxes were filled, donations were made via txt and website and you could even follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Wherever he went, Kenneth made the news. Kenneth helped the Mission raise $288,055 from a city of just over 1 million people.

Enough to help those in need through winter. And enough to prove that Aucklanders don’t need a superhero – just something to remind them that we all need a little help from time-to-time.


Auckland City Mission