Samsung Global Launch

Hearts. (director: David Frankham)


Toothpaste Kisses by the Maccabees. Creative Notes.

The requirement was for a piece of music that could be used globally to wipe some of the unwanted corporate polish off the audience’s perception of Samsung.

As far and the film was concerned, we also needed to support the romantic narrative of the commercial in a way that was convincing and unforced.

For us, as soon as we heard the Maccabee’s shambling, withering vulnerability of Toothpaste Kisses we were forever smitten.
But then the bile quickly rose as we contemplated what would happen in the likelihood that one of the biggest electronics manufacturers in the world wouldn’t feel the same way?
For an agency, finding the perfect piece of music for your commercial is one thing – but attempting to match-make any pretty young sounds with a global multinational is rather like introducing your cute little niece to Peter Stringfellow.

So, it was with tremulous finger that we hit the play button, when we presented the first edit to the United Nations summit that was our client meeting in Seoul.
At the end, their reaction was of complete and utter silence.
They asked for it to be played again.
We played it again.
More silence.

Then, very matter-of-factly the big boss then thanked us as said that it was the best commercial Samsung had ever made.
At this, everyone round the colossal table began to laugh loudly.
Apparently this is how corporate Korea always reacts when they fall in love.
It’s amazing what music can do.